6 x Celitech Hearing Aid Batteries Size 10 / YELLOW

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1 piece(s) = £0.34
  • Celitech®, the new premium label from Germany! Complies with all commercially available hearing aid batteries of type / size 10 (yellow colorcode). Newest generation of hearing aid batteries. Enables hearing aid devices a brilliant sound quality.

  • Specific features: long durability and duration, high pulse current charge with amplified voltage reserve. Benefical with all standard hearing aid devices and especially for modern digital hearing aid devices.

  • Produced and proved by the high standards of the ISO 9001-2000 norm. Highest quality standards granted by the singleton check. (Every single battery gets checked in the factory upon function before getting shipped!)

  • Smoothly usable for all hearing aid devices with size/type 10 (replaces among others classifications like DA10N6, 10AE, PR70, 4610, P10, A10, 10 HPX, 4610 945 416 ...).

  • Type of battery: Zinc-Air, compatible for 1,4 V till 1,45 V / 3 years storability / delivery contents: 6pc. (1 pack with 6pc.) / Measurement and weight of a battery type 10 / YELLOW (high x diameter): about 3,5 x 5,7 mm / weight about 0,31g / produced according to ISO 9001-2000 / singleton check

Additional product information

Label Celitech
Size 10
Color Code Yellow
Lifecycle 4 - 5 days (depends on device type and wearing time)
Durability 3 - 4 years
Voltage 1,4 Volt
Type Zinc-Air
Other names Are you not sure which battery fits into your hearing aid device? Here you can find some other product descriptions of batteries size 10 and color-code yellow. Other product descriptions are: 4606, DA13, 13 HPX, ac 13, za 13, 13AE, 13A, p13, za13, PR48, 13DS, PR48, ZL2, PR13H, AC13, A13

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